What is a Mobile Locker?

The mobile content locker allows you to monetize your mobile traffic. The concept is very simple for your visitor to understand and you can earn as much as $4 per unique visitor. In order for your visitor to access your premium mobile content, they are required to install up to 4 apps. Once your visitor installs these 4 apps, they gain access to your content, and you earn about $4.

Monetize Your Mobile Web Traffic

When your visitor comes across your website locker, link locker, or file locker from their mobile device, we will detect that they are using a mobile device and display a mobile content locker. In order to access your premium link or file, they will be asked to install a set number of apps.

Monetize Your Mobile App

Give your users premium content within your mobile app by asking them to install up to 4 free mobile apps. Upon completion of all required app installs on the mobile content locker, your user will gain access to your mobile app's premium content.

Exchange App Installs for Virtual Currency

Another way to monetize your mobile app is to require your users to install mobile apps in exchange for virtual currency in your mobile game. When the user installs an app, they are automatically rewarded a certain amount of currency based on the payout of the app install.