We Invented and Perfected Content Locking

ContentLocking.com is a division of CPAlead. CPAlead, founded in 2006, is the company responsible for the invention of Content Locking.

ContentLocking.com is committed and focused on remaining the best content locking and incentive network in the world for both web and mobile. To achieve that goal, ContentLocking.com has continued to simplify the earning process, and now it's as easy as sharing a link. We have are also the most trusted content locking network because we have never missed a payment, and we pay all of our members weekly!

Free Landing Pages That Increase Affiliate Earnings

With ContentLocking.com, tools are powerful, effective and designed to have an impact on the affiliate’s bottom line. We sort our highest performing landing pages based on their performance in the last 7 days. We want to make sure our publishers always have the best content locking landing pages to promote.

Once a niche landing page has been selected, ContentLocking.com takes the additional step of also hosting that landing page which removes the need for paid hosting and also accelerates the process of taking a page live. Being able to rapidly deploy a page can be extremely helpful as many affiliates need to deploy quickly in order to capture the momentum behind a specific niche.

Better Payouts, Better Conversions, Better Offers

As a division of the very first Content Locking network ever (CPAlead), ContentLocking.com has long standing, unique relationships and agreements with advertising partners that cannot be found anywhere else. ContentLocking.com is not only able to the highest paying incentive CPA offers in the world but also boasts the most offers of any content locking network there is with over 3,000 live at any given time – covering every country in the world. ContentLocking.com has an inventory that the highest paying offers, the highest EPC’s and conversions. No matter what your niche, ContentLocking.com has an offer that will appeal to your visitors. For web offers, ContentLocking.com is able to deliver PIN submits, download offers, high paying survey offers, e-mail submits, purchase offers, trials and more. When it comes to mobile content locking, ContentLocking.com makes being the best mobile CPA network a top priority by offering a mobile content locker which leverages mobile CPI (cost per installation offers). With thousands of mobile app install offers available, mobile traffic is efficiently monetized to generate high earnings. As with web offers, the ContentLocking.com inventory of mobile CPI offers covers each and every country in the world so that all traffic can be monetized. For the best CPA offers on both mobile and web, ContentLocking.com has you covered.

Bonus Earnings, Prizes and More

Earnings from web and mobile traffic isn’t the only way that affiliates get value from ContentLocking.com. With the #1 best rewards and loyalty program in the industry, ContentLocking.com is able to deliver a great amount of value to its affiliate publisher base. For each and every dollar that an affiliate generates through ContentLocking.com, they are credited with rewards points. Rewards points can be exchanged for rewards that range from earnings bonuses up to 10% to an iPad, iWatch, PS4, Xbox One, Trophy, Medallion, T-shirt. For the affiliate who compiles a large amount of points, ContentLocking.com has the ultimate reward where the affiliate will receive first class, hands on treatment by means of an all-expense paid VIP trip to for two to Sunny Las Vegas, Nevada where CPAlead CEO Peter Tarr will play host, treating the affiliate and guest to the best that Las Vegas has to offer.

Every dollar counts for affiliates and being rewarded at every step of the way with the ContentLocking.com loyalty and rewards program is just another way of delivering the best affiliate experience and ensuring that ContentLocking.com provides more value to each affiliate than any network ever has.

The Best Help & The Best Resources

When it comes to Content Locking or any form of internet marketing, everyone needs help at some or support at point. Our customer service team knows that affiliates need help and are here to provide the best support that there is. Whether its through ticket response or in our live concierge chat which is available based on monthly earnings, we have you covered.

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