Content Locking Technology

The team at, invented Content Locking in 2008. Since that time, our technology has become one of the most effective methods of monetize digital content there is. With our host of tools and technological innovations, there is now a content “locker” that can monetize any sort of content there is. The basic premise of our technology, Content Locking, holds that a user who is visiting a page or piece of content will encounter an overlay that bars access to said content (see images). Once the visitor successfully interacts with one of the ads listed on the Content Locker, he or she will be able to continue and access their desired content.

Website Content Locking

Website Content Locker

In the beginning, content locking could only be achieved by placing an overlay on a web site or page. By doing so, webmasters were able to lock access to specific pages or elements of their site and require visitors to interact with an ad in order to gain access. With the growth of the content locker came the ability to customize every detail of the creation process. This included setting the duration of time it would take for the locker to first appear to a user, customizing the aesthetics through the use of a pre-made template or custom CSS markup, editing text within the locker and even changing the dimensions of the locker itself. However, while this solution proved to be both effective and lucrative for those who could take advantage of it, many affiliates were unable to participate in content locking since they did not own web domains. As a result, pioneered the File Locker and Link Locker.

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File Locking

File Locker

File locking is a derivative of content locking and occurs when access to a file is locked. The principals of content locking remain the same in that a user must successfully interact with an advertisement in order to unlock the file. However, the key differences are as follow:

  • No website is required

  • File Locking landing pages are designed and customized, for free, within the dashboard

  • hosts all file locking landing pages for free

  • Files are locked and upon successfully interacting with an ad, users gain access to the file.

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Link Locking

Link Locker

Link Locking is another derivative of content locking and is a term used to describe when access to a URL is locked. Once again, the basics of link locking are similar to content locking in that users must interact with ads in order to gain access to the URL in question. For Link Locking, key differences are as follow

  • No website is required

  • Link Locking landing pages can be professionally designed, at no cost, through the dashboard

  • hosts all link locking landing pages at no cost

  • URLs (link) are locked as opposed to files or website pages

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Leading in Innovation

Since creating the technology in 2008, has innovated and revolutionized Content Locking by introducing several new, disruptive, features that have allowed Affiliates to monetize their content with greater ease and efficiency than ever before. In fact, the Content Locking division boasts more than 2x as many features and tools than the next leading Content Locking or CPA Incentize business.

Moreover, Affiliates using’s Content Locking platform have access to a turn key landing page creator. By leveraging’s user friendly landing page creator, Affiliates can seamlessly integrate the pages that they design with’s lockers without ever having to leave the platform. Better yet is that, at no cost, not only generates landing pages for Affiliates but hosts them as well.

The end result is an unparalleled experience for Affiliates who are looking for a Content Locking / CPA Incentive solution. Whether you’re a Content Locking beginner or an expert that is tapping into our large inventory of advanced settings, is able to pair your skill level with the appropriate features and tools to generate the best possible results bar none. is proud to be the leaders in Content Locking and guarantees users results that they will not find elsewhere.

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For Beginners and Advanced Users

For both Link Locking and File Locking, affiliates of all skill / experience levels can create powerful pages. This is due to the fact that has implemented a three-tier system with a “beginner”, “normal” and “advanced” mode for the locker page creation process. Each mode allows affiliates to customize their page using different tools that range from an automated wizard to an in-house proprietary “builder tool” right down to allowing affiliates to upload their own HTML and CSS mark up. The end result is a platform that is able to cater to affiliates that range from complete beginners to technical masters.

All of our lockers are powerful, easy to use and extremely effective at monetizing traffic. When compared with traditional display marketing, content locking yields an exponentially higher ROI on web and mobile traffic. Take advantage of our tools and the refined, accompanying, user experience that can deliver to for your traffic today.