Earn Money Sharing Files

File Locking has emerged as an extremely popular and lucrative form of content locking. As the name suggests, file locking requires that an affiliate lock access to a specific file. The file in question is often a software download or a piece of media such an image, song or video. When a web or mobile visitor wishes to download the file, they would first encounter a file locker where they would be required to successfully interact with an ad before gaining access to their desired content. This method is particularly popular amongst affiliates as it allows to convert any relevant files that they own into a source of income.

ContentLocking.com provides additional tools that allow file locking affiliates to extract even more value out of their visitors. At ContentLocking.com all file locking pages are hosted for free. This removes the overhead of having to register a webpage then pay for hosting. In addition, ContentLocking.com supplies affiliates with powerful and innovative options that allow them to obtain and unlimited amount of high quality (customized) landing pages designed at no cost. This removes the largest barrier of entry as a high quality landing page is critical to the success of any cost per action marketing campaign. Furthermore, the unlimited supply of potential landing pages allows affiliates to easily diversify their efforts across multiple different niches which in turn allow for a greater amount of traffic to their page(s) and a larger amount of revenue generated.

If your visitor is from a mobile device, we will automatically detect their mobile device and display our mobile file locker. To learn more about our mobile content locker, please click here.