Website Content Locking is a unique form of cost per action marketing that allows webmasters to monetize their traffic like never before. With Content locking, a user is required to interact with an advertisement in order to accessed the locked area of a website or webpage. The locked area can be any portion of page of a website and should hold premium content as this is what attracts visitors to engage the content locker. This “locking” mechanism in this case is an overlay that is inserted into a specific page and bars use access until they have successfully interacted with an ad.

What makes the content locker such an effective content monetization tool is that each and every user who encounters the content locker must, mandatorily, generate revenue for the website or page owner before accessing the premium content that they are seeking. This mandatory action is what makes content locking part of the incentive or incentivized CPA (cost per action) space. Furthermore, it is also what guarantees affiliates a higher return per active visitor then they would see with traditional monetization methods such as display advertising, for example. is not only the company that invented content locking in 2009 but is also responsible for innovating and developing new tools that have made content lockers far more powerful than ever before yet easier to setup. At, affiliates can fully customize the both the aesthetics and behavior of their lockers. Moreover, caters to affiliates of all levels by providing automated options such as the use of pre-built design templates, for less experienced affiliates or the ability to upload custom CSS style sheets for the an advanced content locker. Regardless of skill level, all content locking affiliates are able to benefit from the use of ‘s user friendly setup wizard.

If your visitor is from a mobile device, we will automatically detect their mobile device and display our mobile website content locker. To learn more about our mobile content locker, please click here.